Journal “Health Care”

    Ажурирано 06.07.2016. године

    The scientific journal “Health Care”, that the Chamber has issued since 1972 addresses the topics from the field of medical science, particularly social medicine and economic relations in the healthcare sector.


    In accordance with the established programme orientation, the journal publishes scientific and professional papers in the field of health care and health status of the population, the organisation of work, operations and the development of healthcare services, the system of quality, information technology and management in the healthcare sector.


    Scientific and professional papers in the journal are published by top experts of different profiles with scientific and other titles, academicians.


    The journal “Health Care” is registered under number YU ISSN 0350-3208 in the Bibliography of Serbia – Series Publications. The journal is kept under the same number also in the ISSN world base on serial publications in Paris. The articles in the journal are published in the Bibliography of Serbia, and the articles and contributions in the series – Series B.


    Conveying selected texts to its readers in the period so far, the pages of “Health Care” are at the same time testimony of the pioneering work of the Association, i.e., the Chamber and its professional services, as well as a sort of history of health care in Serbia.



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